Hold on.... Maui has a lot of things to photograph! It is true that it is far more 'tourist-y' than Kauai, but it's got lots to shoot!

There's a nice winery with great surroundings (and miserably sweet wine) :rolleyes:. The up-country area is gorgeous and you can get some great small-town shots.

Where are you staying?

I have to say that when we go back, I am renting a jeep, and driving around the Hana end of the island. on the back side, there are black lava sand beaches, old churches, and gorgeous views. Hana is over-rated, but there is a great park with nice trails & waterfalls. On the windward side of the island is an area where windsurfing championships are held. That's a sight to see!

There's also an interesting old bunker on the main road away from the airport... and the Iao Needle is neat.

So... have a great time!