Here are some places I have seen so far. Carlsbad(canyons are awesome), artemia (oil refinery in the middle of town), Roswell is boring but Just east of roswell is some really cool sinkholes and campground, it might be warm enough you can go swimming there.
White sands(must see). In cloudcroft and T&C there are decent hostels if you want to shower. I think the T&C one has hot springs too.
I have never been to gila wilderness or los cruces.
Then you can head west on 60 and see the VLA radio telescope. A little further west are the sawtooth mountains. Head north from pietown and you can get to the El Malpais lava field.
If you are a easterner like me and have never seem lava before it is pretty interesting. If you go off the beaten path you can get to lava tubes with spectacular arches and caves. The east side of malapias has big sandstone bluffs and another large sandstone arch.
There are indian pueblos all over the place, sky city is pretty close from there.
I don't have many suggestions for northern new mexico, I have only been out here a couple years and haven't gotten up that way.

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Maybe a loop, from Carlsbad/White Sands the North to SF back to Amarillo would be nice. Lots of windshield time though but lots to see as well. Temps will be a bit more comfortable for camping though.