Well I am slowly progressing along towards becoming an actual "AP" printer. Of course in my usual and fussy way I have decided that I will build a light box before doing my first print rather than use the sun. I tend to enjoy working in a controlled and completely logical method so the variance of sunlight does not suit me well.

I have researched the cost of UV lights and have now a decision to make. Should I go with 30 watt fluorescent BL's that are 36 inches long or perhaps I should choose the other option which is 20 watt fluorescent BL's that are 24 inches long?

With the 36 inch long ones I can use fewer bulbs (vertically aligned) and still build a box that will do a 16x20 print. On the other hand I can use the 24 inch bulbs (horizontally) and of course must purchase 12 bulbs to get the same job done.

So all you masters of the "Alternate Process Society" ... which way should I go and why do you recommend this solution?

As always...thanks for taking the time to guide a new tenderfoot along the trail. :roll:

Kind Regards,