Sandy wrote:

If you have the Epson 2000P or 2200 (or another of the Epson printers that use pigmented inks) you can get plenty of density on Pictorico for AZO and Pt/Pd printing

What some have found is that green works best for this printer for spectral negatives, even though I think that Burkholder recommends orange or orange/magenta

I have the 2200 but have yet to even begin attempting to make a digital negative. Of course I am deeply interested in doing this as I would like to use my 4x5 camera for shooting but wish to do much larger contact printing.

I would like to ask you Sandy ... Do you use the green pigment ink quite extensively when you make digital negatives? Would you recommend that an Epson 2200 owner start from the beginning by using the green ink? Should a beginner attempt to cultivate curves to match the printing process with the green ink for the type of negative desired? (i.e. pt/pd, kallitype, cyanotype)