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Do you see the "texture", for lack of a better word, in your negatives made on OHP with the 2200? I would love to make platinum prints as fine as Jorge's but I doubt it will work with OHP - am I wrong?

What you see is the dithering pattern of the printer. With my Pictorico negatives from the 2000P I can see a dithering pattern if I look at the negative thorugh a loupe of about 5-10X magnification, but this dithering pattern is not visible on the print because it is broken up by the textue of the paper surfaces used in palladum printing. I am certain that the Epson 2200 would give even better results on Pictorico since it has higher resolution than my 2000P, which it replaced.

With smooth surface silver gelatin paper surfaces it is possible that you would see the dithering pattern in the highlights of the print.

"I have made fine digital negatives with the pictorico white film for silver printing.

The white Pictorico film does not work for palladium printing as it blocks UV light like mad.

Sandy King