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Nice story. What about the goats?
An editor called. it was January. It was cold. It was snowing. Really, really snowing.

The advertiser got the publisher out of bed.

The publisher got the editor out of bed.

The editor got me out out of bed.

I went out into a fricking blizzard. The advertiser had a boutique farm.

His beloved goats got out of their enclosure,
and somehow on to the roof of his house.

"Won't this just be a darling picture ?"

Jeep. Ladder on top of the jeep.

Blizzard, 2 am. Nikon. 180. f/5.6. Tri X. Metz. FLASH !!!!

Goats go berserk. One falls off into a snowdrift. I fall off the ladder into a snow drift with the Metz. Metz goes off. Goat goes crazy, attacks the dog. Advertiser starts screaming like a maniac.

I go home, tear the phone out of the wall, have a drink.

Great picture. Won an award.

Advertiser stops me in the street:

" Kid, you'll never work in this business again !".

I still have the Metz, but I haven't worked with goats since.

There. Happy ?