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df you nailed it. I am a computer professional and I find dealing with a DC a PITA. Much easier and better results when I can just drop off a roll of film. I wonder how people that stink at computers do it?

Soon they will be selling strips of disposable memory that you drop off at the lab.
Many labs will take memory cards and sticks, along with CD's, DVD's and zips. From the consumer level it is an interesting phenomenon. People used to shoot film, drop it off and come back for the prints. Years latter you can find the prints (often faded and or stuck together), but the negs are no where to be found.

Now people load up there memory cards, print a few out, email some, post a few on the net, or even drop the card/stick etc. off to have prints made. They then delete the originals and move on.

Its sad, I wonder if we can blame Bic