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The vapor travels for dozens of feet remaining flammable and liable to explosion and that is what caught me unaware. I was carrying a beaker of ether past a hotplate (about 5 ft away in a hood) and the draft from the hood drew the ether vapor across the surface of the hotplate igniting it and causing an explosion. Friends told me I was surrounded by a blue flash of light like an aura, and I lost a lot of hair including eyebrows. From my standpoint it looked like a flashbulb had gone off and I felt a burning sensation over all of my exposed skin. I was lucky!
WOW! You were lucky. That's a great story.

I never have cool lab accidents like that (fingers crossed). Last thing I did was break off a pastuer pipette that was in some partially digested manure compost leachate and then ram the glass into the end of my thumb. 6 stiches... and a tetanus shot.