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When you mix developing agents and see a big boost in activity, you never know what went on. Was it a superadditive effect or was it just the new developing agent being more active.

When you add an auxiliary developing agent to one of the coffee based developers, often the auxiliary developing agent takes over as the primary developing agent and you don't realize it unless you do lots of check experiments.

This is a very chancy thing to do and claim this or that mixture works. It may be that you could get along with another mixture as well or better. I think that you are very wise to say you don't have enough data yet. Keep at it though, there is a lot to discover out there.


My bosses at work do a fine job at concluding things with too little data.

Would you know where I could could find good reading on superadditivity? My internet searches have not been so fruitful. I am looking for a semi-technical to technical explanation of what is going on.