I had already posted and then remember something I read a while back. Under normal useage tannic acid ought to be just about the safest developer possible, I think. However, there is one very special case where it is deadly or can be. In the late 1930's there was quite a stir in the medical community for treating massive burn victims. It was found that tannic acid powder applied to the burned areas formed a breathable protective mass and kept the area clean. People actually began to recover in situations usually never possible. But, then they died. Apparently, tannic acid in the blood and carried to the liver, damages and kills the liver when present in sufficient concentration.

What a wonderful thing the stomach and GI tract is, eh? (I am Canadian so the eh is obligatory) Bio-evolution wins again and keeps us in a tasty beverage.

I can't see that ever happening when used in photography however it is when we become too trusting that accidents happen and I would want to use gloves if I had large areas of abraded skin on my hands or open wounds and sores.


Mark MacKenzie