I have a question about color seperation.

Now, if I am looking to do a gum print, I can do it in 3 or 4 passes using the CYM or CYMK method. A layer for Cyan, a layer for Magenta, etc.

Fine and dandy.

My question is this...

For reasons of sheer "doability", it looks like digital negs are the way to go. Much better control. I know, nasty stuff, but what choice does one have besides making 3 or 4 in camera shots with filters?

Doing some research, I found Sam Wang's article on Unblinking Eye ( http://unblinkingeye.com/Articles/3CG/3cg.html )

Nice, but confusing. It seems you invert the image and then make a neg from each layer. Fine, but I'm not sure how this works out in real life? It LOOKS like Photoshop inverts all the colors. The Wang talks about opposite colors and my head starts to spin. Color theory is something I am not big on. Any insights here?