[quote="rogein"]I'm starting to get a feel for the exposure/contrast requirements but find that all my 'tests' show random spots/streaks of 'white areas'. I think what I'm seeing is the gel/pigment of the tissue not adhering to the support sheet when they're separated? Can someone suggest reasons why this is happening? Thanks!

There are two reasons why this might happen.

1. The tissue may have become slighly insoluble and the gelatin will not melt. This happens with old tissue but can also happen with new tissue that was either not stored correctly or overexposed.

2. You are not allowing the tissue/support sandwich long enough to soak before peeling away the tissue, or the development water is not warm enough. With the B&S tissue I have found it necessary to develop in water at about 115F and leave the sandwich in the water for a minimum of about 3.5 minutes before peeling away the tissue.

The current issue of View Camea has a review I did of the B&S tissue and offers specific working procedures for using this material.