Well - I am brand new to AZO and my first 4x5 contact prints (in Amidol - thanks Michael) have completely captivated my interest. They are unlike any other silver gelitin print I have ever seen. It is wierd - I see it instantly but I don't think any of my friends or family sees it. The range of tonality, the density of black - the whole look of it. For alternative process prints - I can see that shooting 4x5 and using inkjet negs will work fine - But for AZO ... well. My 8x10 camera will get here on Monday and my 210mm Fujinon SW will be here tomorrow. I got 50sheets of TRI-X yesterday ... and you can see where this is all going. All from a 4x5 contact print. The hook is really set. I just sold off all my 35mm gear to pay for it. I just get a rebel for family action shots.