I'm getting ready to order supplies to begin van dyke printing. I already have the chemicals from Bostick and Sullivan. Along with a contact frame, puddle pusher, and paper.

I am ready to get the trays, bottles to hold the fixers, graduated cylinders to measure, scale to weigh, etc. I do not know what sizes of bottles and how many, what size trays( I am using 8.5x11 paper), will 8x10 trays be large enough to accomodate 8.5x11 paper? What size of graduated cylinder should I get to measure? Are all trays similiar or does one brand stand above the rest?

Basically, I am asking for help on what to buy, how many, and what size.

Also, do I need a scale to weigh dry chemicals or is it ok to use conversion factors and measure dry chemicals?

Does anyone have any ideas on this to get me started? I don't want to buy a bunch of stuff I really don't need.

Thanks for any help...