As you all know, I am giving two workshops in emulsion making and coating in 2006. I have under development a total of 3 workshops for the future. They are listed below and I solicit your comments.

1. Emulsion making and coating, a repeat of 2006 with any improvements.

2. Advanced emulsion and coating including multiple layers, blended emulsions and multigrade papers.

3. Advanced color processing. Since I helped develop the C41 and Ektaprint 2/3 processes and the corresponding films and papers for them, there isn't much I don't know about these products. I really can make the elephant dance (so to speak). I am an expert on BLIXes, Fixes, Bleaches and etc. If you do RA processes and use either EK, Fuji, Agfa, Tetenal, or etc chemistry, you are using my 1066 Blix (developed in October 1966 at EK).

If no comments or few comments, no further development will take place. If you show an interest, I will go ahead. It will take me about from now until June 2007 for development taking into account all other commitments.

Your comments are gratefully accepted and any criticisms will be also appreciated.