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Has there been any progress on putting together a coating kit(s)?
Also, you mentioned a while back that there may be a non-sensitized baryta paper coming out. Is there any news on that.

As for the workshops, I am interested in the coating one at PF or another one down the road.

The Kit is under construction and the bare essentials are already down on paper. These will be given to all participants in my workshops first. Parts of the kit are spread out over 2 rooms in our house right now.

The first shipment of baryta paper is on its way to me. Five hundred sheets of 11x14 for coating tests and 150 sheets of 16x20 were shipped. I will keep everyone apprised, but remember that all formulas for every process will need to be reviesed for this paper, as there are barytas with barium sulfate and others with barium oxide. In addition, any impurities and surfactants change required formulations, so I have a LOT of work ahead of me on this seemingly simple problem. This paper is stabilized with phenol and Kodak used thymol, so I have to learn how this influences the final results. I only have experinece with the use of thymol. Surfactant changes further complicate this. This may change things more than I can predict. IDK. Fair enough?