I was just informed that in internet circles, capital letters denote screaming - that was not my intent, I guess I should have used to italics to emphasize my points - not caps. My apologies.
But as Dave pointed out, the fact remains: that is a good place to look for what people are willing to pay, which is market value. Contrary to what some would have you believe, it is not populated by idiots and thieves any more than any other large gathering of random people. Its pretty obvious, when you look at the prices, which results are unusual in either direction (extremely high or low), and you can easily take those out of whatever census you are conducting. One thing I wanted to add is to be especially conscious of items in original boxes, mint or unused, etc. Understandibly, they commmand a higher price, but - I find that since those are often sought by collectors (as opposed to users), the prices are out of proportion with other items that may be identical, but are not collectible. The prices are still fair and fairly consistent among other items in that condition, but the market is comprised mainly of totally different buyers, with different objectives in mind - and therefore, a different value placed on a given product. Hope that makes some sense.
Once again, sorry about the apparent tone of my initial post.