I'm an amateur and started way back in the 50's with a brand new (back then) Brownie. Since then I owned, sold, and re-bought several 35mm cameras starting with a Yashica Minister D rangefinder, ending up with a Canon AE-1 and FTb which I still use. In the 70s when I was in the Army, I used their hobby area's darkroom to learn more about black and white, and branched out into medium format with a Yashica 124G TLR (should have never sold it). Comparing my own prints to what I was getting back from a lab really opened my eyes (mine were better even as a beginner). While there, I picked up extra mad money shooting portraits for the folks to send to their families. Now I generally use a Yashica 12 TLR for medium format, or one of 3 folders when I need a change of pace. It was not until I moved to Van Nuys California that I finally moved up to large format and now I have 3 view cameras. A Calumet C400 for 4x5, an Eastman 2D for 5x7, and a Seneca Improved for 8x10. All my large format stuff is black and white contact printing, which I enjoy doing myself, with the occasional cyanotype just for fun. All my color pictures right now are done in either 35mm or medium format and go out to a lab for processing. Every few years, I round up the best photos and enter them in the San Fernando Valley Fair just for yucks.