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I want to make sure that I get this correct before I mix this stuff up.

Citric acid 5g
Potassium chloroplatinite 20% solution 5ml
OR Sodium chloropalladite 20% solution 5ml
Water 1000ml

Would the mixture for the Potassium chloroplatinite be:
2 grams Platinum (II) Chloride - Formula PtC12 to 100ml water

And the mixture for Sodium chloropalladite be:
2 grams Palladium (II) Chloride - Formula PdC12 to 100ml water

This stuff is a little to expensive to screw this up


Jim, 2 g in a 100 is only 2% not 20%. Are you sure you have the chemical names correct. Potassium Tetracholorplatinite, and Sodium Tertracholorpalladite?

Where are you buying it?