Vintage Analog Photography Users Group.
Jim Gali might become the first member of honour.

I'm only getting this into the ballpark because of some recent threads and/or images in the galleries.

Some people like old lenses, cameras, enlargers... but sometimes I really can't appreciate the quality of the result produced with vintage equipment.

I'm not trying to condemn the use of old equipment or people who use it (got several 1900 lenses myself). I was a professional flute player (in a former life...) and was (still am) interested in 18th and 19th century instruments with 1 up to 9 of more keys, but my maine concern has always been: can we get better results that what was possible at the time the vintage item was produced?

Keep shooting, starting as from now.

fact #1: it's just great fun using those items. (as I do)