What is more fundamentally important in photography than seeing? And what has less attention paid to it than seeing? There is a plethora of workshops on virtually every possible photographic technique or piece of equipment, but precious little about what is most important - our eyes.

The eyes have been called "The Windows of the Soul" for good reason. They are not only one of the most expressive parts of the body, they account for about 80% of our total perception of the world. Many factors affect how we respond to what our eyes see such as expectations, moods, past experiences and the status of our health, among others. To see "with ones' own eyes" is the goal of all photographers, but how is that to be accomplished?

I want to thank Robert Brummitt of Portland Photographer's Forum for making it possible for me to present a workshop addressing seeing. It'll be a joy to pass on to others the results of 40 years of experience and research in this area.