Hi Buggy,

Lots of good ideas already offered in this thread. For my part I would recommend the use of 11X14 trays for your processing, and you really only need one in my opinion since one-tray processing is very convenient and takes up a lot less room.

I second the idea about the spiral BLB tube. If you put one of these in a 6-10" reflector ($6-8 at Lowes or Home Depot) and place it about 15" over the print surface you will get plenty of light with good even illumination for an 8X10 print, and avoid the inconsistency of the sun. Total expenditure on this would be about $30 or so.


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I'm getting ready to order supplies to begin van dyke printing. I already have the chemicals from Bostick and Sullivan. Along with a contact frame, puddle pusher, and paper.

I am ready to get the trays, bottles to hold the fixers, graduated cylinders to measure, scale to weigh, etc. I do not know what sizes of bottles and how many, what size trays( I am using 8.5x11 paper), will 8x10 trays be large enough to accomodate 8.5x11 paper? What size of graduated cylinder should I get to measure? Are all trays similiar or does one brand stand above the rest?

Basically, I am asking for help on what to buy, how many, and what size.

Also, do I need a scale to weigh dry chemicals or is it ok to use conversion factors and measure dry chemicals?

Does anyone have any ideas on this to get me started? I don't want to buy a bunch of stuff I really don't need.

Thanks for any help...