Mars, Greek God of war. Red speck in the sky.

For the longest time we have wished to journey there and record images of its surface.

Now today we stand proud of images captured there. Red, Browns, and yellows in dazzleing and amazeing photos.

But one thing is not clear, Have you ever seen a rock that looks like that? There seems something unatural about the images. How even the sky is reddish.

*Link Preface: I know this guy has alot of Whackjob theories and ideas but there are always grains of truth within the chaos.*

[color=Blue]*CLICKHERE*Where has the Blue And Green Gone?[/color]

This is a rather interesting image. There is CLEARLY a diffrence between the two backgrounds as well as the complete shift in color for the targets to calibrate with. A rather interesting one at that.

[color=blue] *CLICKHERE*Color calibration Paper[/color]

Another interesting position.