Durst does have a 5000 watt lamp that is being produced by Philips Lighting in Belgium (OEM). The cost that was quoted by Durst Pro for the lamp only was $1,400.00. I am sure that much wattage would need a different power supply and contactor or relay to control the lamp (50 amps load @ 115 VAC). The complete 8X10 enlarger equipped with the Azo lamp is above $12,000.00.

The Durst lamp will work on both Azo and also conventional silver gelatin materials. I am not sure that the Azo lamp that Michael Smith mentioned has this capability. It may have...it may not, best to check it out.

For those who have enlarged on Azo with conventional variable contrast enlargers, I have not shared their experience. Perhaps it is because I develop the negatives for Azo to a much higher density range then a conventional negative. In fact negatives developed for conventional enlarging will print very flat on grade two Azo. The net density range for a negative for enlarging is typically 1.00-1.20 and grade two Azo will work better with a density range of 1.60.

I just returned from BC with three Durst enlargers and will get into this matter more completely in the weeks ahead.