I'm not bored with photography either but I do agree with Mr. Michals comments about people making bigger photos and how its so valued by the art world because of the size. Some photos can look amazing bigger like Burteynsky but not many people can pull it off.
I also agree that if you want to make work just do it and quit making excuses. I work almost full time, have a 10 year old son, volunteer at an artist run center , maintain a cooperative darkroom, and still manage to do some work. I also have friends that are understanding if I'm late coming over because I might be developing some film I shot while my son was in school. If I didn't make photographs I would be very unhappy. It's my little piece of bliss that I have to have.
It's funny when I pick my son up from school, smelling like fixer and looking like I slept in my clothes everyone knows, oh yah, it's just Kate the crazy B&W photographer!