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Don, so you got the 3 for 1 deal eh? That was a good deal, and I thought about it myself, but decided I would only end up wanting an 8x10 enlarger anyway. Are you planning some Ulesmann type multi-neg printing? What a luxury, to have three identical 5x7 enlargers. I suppose you could sell the two least appealing and pay for the best one with money left over for lots of big paper. Have fun!
Well, this package is not without some additional considerations/expenses. The lamps need to be upgraded since once the Opal bulbs are gone then no more are available. I am looking into converting these to an Azo enlarger if I can come up with a 3,000 watt lamp with the right emission spectrum. I will talk with Philips Lighting next week.

However from the Ebay ad it sounded as if only 5 condensors came with the enlargers but there were in fact 9 condensors. I figure that this is just another project that provided me with an excuse to visit BC. At the very worst, I could sell this off in parts and clear the expenditure.