Michaels comes out of the 60s reactionary movement to established art norms. He is known for his photo series which could consist of 6 to eight shots as sort of a mini-movie shown as stills, applying text directly to his images and various forms of collage and combinations. Ther is an image at the Art Institute of Chicago that from a reasonable distance is a large portrait which IIRC is about 3'x4'. When you get close it is actually made up of a collage of hundreds of B&W common everyday snapshots, (3x4s and smaler) fitted together, not trimed or cut but laid on top of each other to provide the tonality to make the larger portrait. I think that was done by Michaels. It is very cool.

He is sort of a later day Man Ray or Moholy-Nagy, trying to take the medium beyond the typical straight Adams/ Weston approach.