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What makes art dangerous
Lampoon me in a cartoon and you'll see what it means to be dangerous!
It bothers me to the point that in my serigraphy class last spring I made a few t-shirts emblazened with the words "FUCK ART" in 4" capitals on the front. I wear them proudly to this day.
Ok them's fighting words dude. We'll see you out in the parking lot...
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Art, whatever the heck it is, is not in any danger.
I may be paranoid at times though.
Art (whatver it is) changes (a bit), and stays the same (a bit).
I'm a chameleon that way.
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Do your own thing - and save art
Please send all money to my Aston Martin Foundation Fund.
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Damn, I'm glad I never went to art school.
Cheryl, once you've been schooled in Art, you won't go back!
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Art is dangerous.
Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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I'm so sick of "art" having to be some kind of ridiculous socio-political-aesthetic contortionism in order to have "relevance" or to be the kitsch of the minute.
Look, I exist. Deal with it buddy.