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I've read of Russian suppliers who still manufacture silver gelatine dry plates, but while trolling through the Ilford site, I discovered this:

Not much use to us -- as they describe it, it's a monodispersed emulsion, basically like microfilm on glass instead of polyester or acetate. As such, you'd need a special developer like Technidol or POTA (or one of the other various low-contrast soups) to get pictorial results, typically at very low speed and with rather marginal tonality and range. As one who has shot a fair amount of microfilm (in subminiature cameras, it's one way to try to tame grain when 10x enlargement is just big enough to pass around), I can tell you monodispersed emulsion is not worth messing with if you have a choice.

Sure, it *might* be like Tech Pan on glass -- but more likely, it's nowhere near that good.