What do people do to properly dry sheets of freshly coated Pt/Pd paper? In his workshop, Dan Burkholder used a hair dryer to get the drying process started. He indicated that one can use the hair dryer too much or too little. He tries for a "satin" look to the paper, and then he stops using the hair dryer. Thereafter, let the paper dry.

I'm looking for an approach that's as consistent as possible, sheet to sheet over time. As a "hair dryer", I've been using the small ceramic heater that keeps my darkroom warm. It gives a nice volume of hot air over a large area. (Kind of like some of our politicians.)

I want to use some form of drying like this, if it makes a difference. But, I'm struck by the degree of variability this could introduce to the process. Or, is there a different way to achieve the same effect, yet avoid a potential source of variability?