I second the recommendation for the Olympus OM-1n. I think it's absolutely the best, and not just because I have 3 of them. They're nearly as small and quiet as a Leica, but with all the benefits of an SLR, and the Zuiko glass is tack-sharp. If you want one with a 50mm lens, try for the Zuiko 50mm/f1.4, preferably with a serial number higher than 1,2xx,xxx. Don't sweat the serial # thing too much, though, they're all pretty sharp. The big thing when choosing one is to make sure the viewfinder has no big blotches in it and, once you have it, to send it to Camtech or Photosphere for a CLA/prism foam removal if that hasn't been done yet. I can vouch for John H.'s work at Camtech. The overhaul will probably cost as much as you paid for the camera, but it's worth it. After he gets done with it, your camera will have an accurate meter, will use common SR-44 batteries and will have been completely gone through. As I said, not cheap, but worth every penny as your OM-1n will be ready to reliably serve you for many years.