I just acquired an 11x14 Burke & James camera and I want to put a large 8 1/2" square Packard shutter in it. However, the shutter barely fits behind the lensboard frame. Its snug and I need this large shutter for a couple lenses that I have.

I'd rather go through the lensboard rather than the frame when drilling a hole for the air hose and I think I might be able to drill through the shutter near one of the corners in order to position the hole in a bottom corner of the lensboard. I took a smaller Packard apart and it appears the air hose wouldn't interfere with the shutter operation if I drilled close to a corner on the shutter, but I'm not sure the blades move the same way when assembled vs when one of the shutter covers has been removed for observation.

Has anyone done this? Does it work? Know of anything that might be a complication?