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I was just informed that in internet circles, capital letters denote screaming
I've often wondered why some people insist on perpetuating a rather bizarre notion, especially when there have existed terminals where caps are the only means of emphasis. I realize that I'm dating myself by speaking of these, but there is a profound difference between capitalization and verbal assault. YOUR EARS ARE NOT IN PAIN NOW, AND MY USE OF U/C SHOULD NOT REASONABLY FILL YOU WITH ANY LEGITIMATE CONCERN FOR YOUR WELL BEING. YOU WOULD NOT FIND MY SHOUTING VOICE PLEASANT, AND I THINK YOU WOULD LEAVE, SUMMONS THE POLICE, OR DEFEND YOURSELF PHYSICALLY IF I WAS GENUINELY SHOUTING IN YOUR PRESENCE. Capital letters as assault makes about as much sense as Sontag's equation of photography and rape/murder. Does this clarify?

We defend the Virgin Mary in elephant dung, and get our noses out of joint about caps lock. Gotta ponder this!

Some conventions are affected twaddle!