Thanks so far for te post. Always helpfull. I will check out reala (is that a profilm?)

To furder explain where I am standing. I like portra. I used to shoot kodak gold and all those really rubbish, excuse me, film. Since I loaded my camera with professional film I'll never go back.
I have an extended period of night shooting behind me, and used 35mm portra VC. I shot extreme lighting situations, and portra VC gave me saturated results. BUT portra still is a portrait film, for use with people.
I now did a series of foggy morning fiels of grass, I do like the results, but they are very silky. No sign of a dark tone.
I do like it, but feel that there must be a film made for landscape. And I like to know what film that is.

(the pictures also have warm shade, but I think that caused by my old lens...)

I like cold colours and not the yellow ones.

Is there more besides Reala??

Thanks again, Sam