hmm thanks everyone for the comments!

I think I should not be to offended by the term portrait indeed.
My taste is not general. It depends on the situation and what I like to tell with my pictures.
I in fact really like to slikyness of NC.
BUT i want the possibility of chossing for something hard and contrasty if I feel like it, and don;t know what film to use for that.

I indeed did slides before using portra and have made a photo or two that were great in my book. I remember a snow lanscape with one red three.
ektachrome 50iso, did a tremendous job on that one.

But I became crazy of slides when shooting at night. I exposed for 15 minutes and still I got nothing. So I made the switch, and with negatives I can estimate all light situations at night way better with it.

One other thing is printing. There is NO lab within 150 miles that is capable of making nice ilfochromes/cibachrome from a slide.
And contact sheets is impossible too.
Thats soo freakin unpractical. It is undoable.

Well, let the tread continue, Hope for more responses.
for slides I know I like ektachrome.
For negatives, I like portra NC/VC, but am wondering about alternatives...

Names that come to mind right now are:

fuji 160s / 160c, fuji reala, kodak supra

Thanks Sam