I have been shooting in one form or another for a living for over 20 years now, and have never let the name of the film sway me for what I use it for, most of the time I use Velvia and Provia for landscape shooting, but never worried about Portra being a portrait film, the people who look at the images, not often do they question what film it was shot on, I have also used NPC for landscape stuff, in fact one of my biggest sellers on print film was taken in Glacier National Park at about 6 Am in the morning with mist on the lake, it was shot on NPS, and has a very muted smoky look to it with the mountains in the background..don't ever let "What" a film was marketed as, stop you from shooting it for other stuff, also, I use to shoot gold 100 for alot of things and it worked out quite well, and the Ultra films seem to be pretty good as well for a wide variety of things.

Good luck on your search, eventually we all find that special film that works perfect for what we are doing.