I guess I'll take a stab at a serious answer (hey, someone has to).

But one thing is not clear, Have you ever seen a rock that looks like that?
The last time I checked, nobody has (at least not human).

There seems something unatural about the images.
Unnatural? No. Unearthly? Yes.

How even the sky is reddish.
What did he expect, blue skies and white clouds? The WHOLE PLANET IS RED!

This is a rather interesting image. There is CLEARLY a diffrence between the two backgrounds as well as the complete shift in color for the targets to calibrate with. A rather interesting one at that.
Look at the original NASA image:

The white ring in the target is different in each image. To me, this implies that one or both images are uncalibrated. There is little atmosphere on Mars, so there should be no scattering of blue light at low Sun angles like here on Earth. The blue and green targets are easily visible in the original (perhaps now corrected by NASA?) image.

Of course, it would be easy to get such monochromatic, hostile scenery on any of the volcanoes in Hawaii.