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Technically I guess, the Nikon FM does NOT have a lock up lever. But if you pull the little self timer the mirror goes up first, then a few seconds later the shutter cycles. I always used that for total hands off pics with my FM, FM2, FE, and FE-2 cameras.
I actually like this method because once the exposure it complete, the mirror returns ready for the next peek through the finder. I do most of my MLU photography with my M645 and that's a lever, and 99 times out of 100, I'll look thru the viewfinder and doh! the mirror's still up!

P.S. I do realise the self-timer method has timing issues, but they rarely are a problem.

Carol. do you have some 2nd hand shops where you can go and handle some cameras to see what fits? What camera do you use at the moment, I forget