Somewhere in there I think you have to get your hands wet and actually make the photograph, the print. Otherwise you are just a camera operator. You may be a talented and very good, successful, camera operator, but not a full-blown photographer unless you are souping stuff.

As John said above:"- Have mastered their craft end to end. Know how to use it to be expressive in a final image."

I think that's among the problems with digital printing. The hands-on wet stuff is missing. To me it is a critical part. I think you need the whole cycle of intent, talented seeing, shooting, processing, and printing to be a Photographer with a capital P. Or maybe that makes you a photographic artist rather than just a shooter.

Shooter, camera operator, photographer, photographic artist...any difference to anyone else? I mean, anyone can take a picture with a camera. If a casual snapshooter always takes good snapshots, does that make them a good photographer? Does that make them a photographer at all???