Rrecently it was told to me that the only real photographers were the young ones coming out of Eastern Europe, and South and Central America that do cutting edge photography. My thought about that was, to get the pitch fork and start shoveling.

To me it is someone who dares to click the shutter on the camera once they were intrigued enough to see some spark in front of them or an image that they wanted to capture. Then to go further and hone the skills to bring that original vision of what they saw to life. For some it is to use things like densitometers, or spend hours on one image in the darkroom until in their mind it is perfect. The results are always subjective to the next person. Some may like and others may hate it. In the end all you need to please is yourself and tell others to get stuffed if they don't like what you do for yourself. I am not a good photographer, neither am I bad one. I'm me and I'm happy.