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c'mon guys
these replies are mostly disappointing
how come you, as a group/generalisation will endlessly discuss stuff like i use such and such film/developer/paper/camera/lens/whatever your hobby horse is ad infinitum yet here the best you can do is discuss whether it be a can of worms

surely there is more to photography/art/craft/any human endeavour than i use blah blah, blah i'm soo good
Sorry Ray,

I have heard the question so many times over the years, it has become redundant..

I have a question for you....Are you a new photographer?

Are you searching for a style to emulate?

What exactly is the purpose of your question?

The reason I ask, is yes, you have opened a can of worms, that has no RIGHT answer, there is NO wrong answer to the question you have asked

Are we basing on good technical style,

Are we basing on artistic style

Are we basing on good darkroom technique?

What exactly are you trying to figure out, there is no right answer, there is no wrong answer, there is really no answer at all that will define what a good photograher is

You can be artistic and be sloppy on technique, you can be technically perfect and have no vision, you can take a perfect picture, that inspires nobody, there really is no correct answer to your question..