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As for art being "dangerous", that's a bunch of post-modernist, shock-jocky, bulls**t! The best cure for that is to yawn, it drives them crazy when they are not controversial! ;-)
A curious conclusion to a posting which I would otherwise agree with!

The quality I am looking for in art, as I have mentioned elsewhere, is the attitude of challenging preconceptions, trying to achieve new vision, asking questions, leaving the viewer to find answers. I personally find this stimulating, people of a conservative turn of mind find it dangerous (which is why, in response to someone else's question. there are people who are vehement in their condemnation of contemporary art and their dismissal of contemporary artists as shysters - you're hearing the sound of someone way out of their comfort zone and not liking it).

Just to be clear - I personally have no illusions as to how "dangerous" I am as a 57-year-old white male middle-class freelance professional working with large industrial corporations. I am not (never was) a lunatic-fringe performance artist flinging buckets of bloody entrails at my audience, my inclination even as a young man was to initiate dialog rather than confrontation. However, I am just as committed now as I was 40 years ago to art which does something different, something new, and generates fresh perspectives. This is something I need for my personal sanity, as my main professional work (industrial journalism and copywriting) consists for the most part of delivering slick products and performing tasks which I can do exceedingly well because I have done them so many times before. I sure don't object to the money I'm paid for this, but if I did ONLY this I'd die of boredom.

Someone else said that there's nothing wrong with excellence in craft skills - no, there isn't, and as a trained professional photographer I enjoy this. However, exercise of craft skills ALONE without something new to say is absolutely not for me - it can be fun and fulfilling for the practitioner concerned, for me it's just sterility (but I would never criticize anyone for invoking their inalienable right to do what the hell they want!).

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