Dont forget the original F1, F1n and my favourite, the Canon EF. They all retain most capability with no batteries (other than meter and shutter speeds below 1/2 sec in the EF's case.) Lovely cameras all, built like tanks. The EF was unique among early Canon gear by the virtue of havng a Copal Square shutter and x synch of 1/125th.

If you want more modern cameras but are on a budget - Canon Elan II has a mirror pre-release (custom function 5 if I recall from my friend's cameras). You would have to go much older or into the single digit F's to get the feature with Nikon gear - all wonderful cameras, but not inexpensive. The Elan 7 has the same feature and is very much a development of the II - a little newer, a little more expensive used. The Elan II is the bargain among AF gear.

Just thought I'd add to the already extensive list,