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Traveling to work a few months ago i noticed some graffiti that for some reason grabbed my attention. Someone had scrawled in foot hight letters:
"Say Something New". (not a 'new' sentiment I'm sure!)

I'm not sure that my photography has developed to the point that it 'says' anything at all yet, but perhaps one day I'll make an image that says something new...
Your photography DOES "talk" - and says "something new" with each exposure. We listen to it subconsciously. To realize what is happening CONSCIOUSLY is difficult, if not impossible. (Note 1)

Your photography "speaks" - everyone's photography does ... it is only a matter of listening to a language we do not have to (cannot?) learn.

Note 1: I'm not at all sure there is any difference with the spoken language. We interpret it automatically ... without the burden of having to stop and figure out the meaning of each word and syntax.