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These comments "it's been done before" are elitist and meant to stifle any "newbie" from commenting. You should reconsider your views that anyone "NEW" coming on to APUG should have to spend endless amounts of time going over OLD posts just so they don't repeat what some think is the final say on these matters.
Believe me or not, but being still a newbie myself I have actually spent a lot of time so far reading old threads because I was looking for a specific information. I do it a little less now because I managed to find what I was looking for, but you've got to realise that some questions surfaced more than other. That's why people write FAQs. Frequently. Asked. Questions. It's a common issue of most internet forums, and all forums tend to react in similar ways.

FAQs can't resolve open-ended issues like "is it art," but frankly you don't need a FAQ to infer that on any given website dedicated to photo somebody has already thought about asking "Is it art." Heck, it's almost the first thing people ask themselves when they start taking pictures.

Granted, we should probably bury this thread, but you really over-reacted.