Here we go getting deep again. There are very few things that I do that I'm not thinking about something photographic while I'm doing it. Sometimes images are sketched and planned shot re- thought and shot again. This happens both in the studio controlled environment and on location. Even as pre-conceived as these shots are they still require flexibility for the moment. I did a one week workshop with Albert Watson one time and I learned a huge lesson from him, As tightly controlled as his sets are (his lighting is very specific) his Eye never left his sitter. Once they were in there pose and he walked away for whatever reason, his sitter would relax into their pose and thats when he would say "that looks great lets do that" Then he would adjust his light to their understanding of his concept. As far as street shooting is concerned, Having the camera in my hands strangely enough gives me power, power to see and power to feel, feel the changes in the air, and see the changes in the light. Though I'm not a huge fan of Dorothy Normans work I've always understood her sensitivity towards images and hope that I come close to the simplistic quality her images present to her viewers.