I try to avoid using a tripod in 35mm because I love the freedom and speed of hand holding. If I think it is worth getting the tripod out I might as well put my medium format on it. Most of my 35mm shooting is when I am around family and friends and I find a tripod is not always appropriate to a relaxed atmosphere. If I take a 35mm out for a walk or for landscapes then it is because I want mobility and do not want to be focused too much on photography at the expense of enjoying the walk.

Also, I am a believer in exploring opportunities within your limitations. A 35mm without a tripod clearly has issues for overall sharpness etc so I tend to push myself to different types of photos than I would take if I had the tripod - wide aperatures, picking details out of the landscape, lots of out of focus backgrounds etc etc This is often a good discipline for me and makes me think more creatively.