In MF I allways use a tripod.

The main reason why I bought a 35mm is the flexibility of use without a tripod, therefore in 99% of all pictures I don't use one.

I have a Leica M. and I can shoot nice, not perfect, but nice pictures handheld at 1/15th - 1/30th
This speed in combination with a fast 1.4 lens and 400 asa makes the leica a very verstile camera, allthough questionable is the investment required.

In pre-Leica times I shot with FM3a and a 1.4 lens, without tripod, but 1/60th was the max, and even then most pictures came out wobbly.

I shoot mostly after dark, I do clubs (folk, Jazz) and performers on stage as well as club impressions, a MF system is a no-go in these situations. So at first being very reluctant towards the Leica pricing system I am eventually happy with the results.

I have Leica a MP and M6TTL, 35mm Asph. 1.4, 50 summilux 1.4 and 75mm 1.4 lenses, really quite an investment, but paying off rather well at the moment.