You know that little voice in your head that tells you to wait and be sensible. Well I ignored it and rang up and ordered a s/hand Nikkormat FTN today. It has MLU and DOF preview which I've never had and comes with a Micro lens which has long been on my wish list.

Darn it if I'd come back here first I would have read Bohica's post and checked what kind of batteries it uses. Mercury. Is this going to be a huge problem?

Mycroft - I note your t-mount reference. Yes I want to put it on a telescope as well hence the need for MLU for stability. Do you take astro-pics?

Nige - Unfortunately the only access I have to s/hand gear is by 'phone from a couple of shops in Adelaide. It's all rather hit and miss for me. I have a couple of Ricoh's which are fine. Just got the wants at the moment.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to help me out with suggestions. Much appreciated.