Thanks for all the nice words!

May I say something?

I don't recommend our field tripods for use indoors. That's what I hated about the old Zone VI philosophy - they gave you no choice. They had that silly stick thing to use indoors. Very inconvenient if you had to move the rig around.

I recommend our Majestic tripods for indoor use. The 6500 is good for outdoor work too except in the Rochester cold. Ouch!

I find the other wood tripod to be neither an ultra rugged field tripod nor a good studio tripod - it's a little of both. And it costs a lot of money. Also, lots of medium format people hate the heads.

Was that a commercial? Sorry. E-mail me and I'll send you a sample exposure record to attone for my sin.

...and our field tripods are different from the old Zone VI models. They're better - and without that silly string.

Anthony - Fine Art Photo Supply